Earth System Science 5: The Atmosphere

Earth System Science 5: The Atmosphere (Spring 2014, UC Irvine). Instructor: Professor Julie Ferguson. This course explores the composition and circulation of the atmosphere with a focus on explaining the fundamentals of weather and climate. Topics include the thermal structure of the atmosphere, solar and terrestrial radiation, atmospheric circulation, ocean interactions, pressure and winds, clouds, weather patterns, human effects on the atmosphere, and climate changes.

Composition and Evolution of the Atmosphere

Lecture 01 - Composition and Evolution of the Atmosphere
Lecture 02 - Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere
Lecture 03 - Solar Radiation and the Seasons
Lecture 04 - Global Energy Balance and Temperature
Lecture 05 - Factors Affecting Local Temperatures
Lecture 06 - Pressure and Winds
Lecture 07 - Atmospheric Moisture
Lecture 08 - Cloud Development and Forms
Lecture 09 - Precipitation Processes
Lecture 10 - Atmospheric Circulation
Lecture 11 - Ocean Interactions
Lecture 12 - Wind Systems, Air Masses, and Fronts
Lecture 13 - Mid-Latitude Cyclones
Lecture 14 - Lightning, Thunderstorms and Tornadoes
Lecture 15 - Hurricanes
Lecture 16 - Human Effects on the Atmosphere and Introduction to Earth's Climates
Lecture 17 - Earth's Past Climates
Lecture 18 - Earth's Climate Today
Lecture 19 - Earth's Future Climate