PHSC 13400: Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast

PHSC 13400: Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast (Fall 2009, UChicago). Taught by Professor David Archer, this course presents the science behind the forecast of global warming to enable the student to evaluate the likelihood and potential severity of anthropogenic climate change in the coming centuries. It includes an overview of the physics of the greenhouse effect, including comparisons with Venus and Mars; an overview of the carbon cycle in its role as a global thermostat; predictions and reliability of climate model forecasts of the greenhouse world.

Scope of the Class

Lecture 01 - Scope of the Class
Lecture 02 - Heat and Light
Lecture 03 - Blackbody Radiation & Quantum Mechanics
Lecture 04 - Our First Climate Model
Lecture 05 - The Greenhouse Effect
Lecture 06 - What Makes a Greenhouse Gas?
Lecture 07 - Greenhouse Gases in the Atmosphere
Lecture 08 - What Holds the Atmosphere Up?
Lecture 09 - Why It's Colder Aloft
Lecture 10 - Winds, Currents, and Heat
Lecture 11 - Six Degrees
Lecture 12 - Ice and Water Vapor Feedbacks
Lecture 13 - Clouds
Lecture 14 - The Weathering CO2 Thermostat
Lecture 15 - The Lungs of the Carbon Cycle
Lecture 16 - The Battery of the Biosphere
Lecture 17 - Coal and Oil
Lecture 18 - Oil and Gas
Lecture 19 - The Carbon Cycle Today
Lecture 20 - The Long Thaw
Lecture 21 - The Smoking Gun
Lecture 22 - The Present in the Bosom of the Past
Lecture 23 - Hot, Flat, and Crowded

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