ECON 343: Human Capital and the Economy

ECON 343: Human Capital and the Economy (Spring 2010, UChicago). This consists of 19 lectures given by Professor Gary Becker. Each lecture includes a short description of topics covered as well as topical keywords. The interested viewer is also provided with references to books and journal articles from Gary Becker's own original research that bear on the topics discussed in each lecture. Additionally, the viewer is also referred to the appropriate section of a freely available and informal set of student notes. These lecture notes are provided as-is and the author, Salvador Navarro Lozano cannot accept responsibility for any typos or errors. Much of the lecture material already appears in one of Gary Becker's academic books and those remain the best source of information in case of any doubts.

Lecture 01 - Introduction
Lecture 02 - The basic model (1of2)
Lecture 03 - The basic model (2of2)
Lecture 04 - Human capital transmission in the family
Lecture 05 - Inheritance of ability
Lecture 06 - Bequests and other topics of the household
Lecture 07 - Overlapping generations model
Lecture 08 - Transmitting preferences to children
Lecture 09 - The Labor Market
Lecture 10 - Higher education and College
Lecture 11 - Non-monetary benefits of human capital (1of2)
Lecture 12 - Non-monetary benefits of human capital (2of2)
Lecture 13 - Investments in health
Lecture 14 - Statistical value of life framework and Health
Lecture 15 - Health and Marriage Markets
Lecture 16 - On-the-job training and learning by doing
Lecture 17 - Comparison with the Roy Model
Lecture 18 - Teams and coordination
Lecture 19 - Human Capital, Fertility, and Growth

Lecture Notes - ECON 343: Human Capital
By Salvador Navarro Lozano. Notes on Gary Becker’s human capital and the economy. Contents. Introduction. Investment in human capital at the family level. ...
Video Annotations - ECON 343: Human Capital
Lectures on Human Capital by Gary Becker. This series of lectures recorded during the Spring of 2010 are from ECON 343 - Human Capital, a class taught every year by Gary Becker at the University of Chicago.
Reading List - ECON 343: Human Capital
Reading List. Gary S. Becker. ECON 343 Human Capital and the Economy. 1. Human Capital and Intergenerational Mobility. ...