Economics C3: Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy

Economics C3: Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy (Fall 2013, UC Berkeley). Taught by Professor Eric Van Dusen, this course introduces microeconomics with emphasis on resource, agricultural, and environmental issues. This course offers an opportunity to explore aspects of economic and political institutions that affect the development and management of natural resources and the environment. It is also known as Environmental Economics and Policy C1 (EEP C1).


Lecture 01 - Basic Class Info, Why Are We Here, Supply and Demand Curves
Lecture 02 - Supply and Demand, Equilibrium, Dis-Equilibrium
Lecture 03 - Market Failures, Public Goods, Externalities
Lecture 04 - Budget Constraint, Utility & Indifference Curves, Demand Curves
Lecture 05 - Review of Preferences and Indifference Curves, Equivalent Variation, Compensating Variation
Lecture 06 - Individual Demand and Aggregate Demand, Horizontal Addition and Vertical Addition,
................... Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Accept
Lecture 07 - Revealed Preference, Stated Preference
Lecture 08 - More Stated Preference, Choice Experiments, Random Utility Model, Production Introduced
Lecture 09 - Production: Total Cost, Average Cost, Marginal Cost
Lecture 10 - Venture Capital Investment (Audio Only)
Lecture 11 - Long Run vs. Short Run, Producer Surplus, Welfare, Pollution
Lecture 12 - Monopoly, Oligopoly, Monopolistic Compensation, Monopsony, Market Power
Lecture 13 - Pollution, Social Marginal Cost, Benefit Cost Analysis, Abatement, Tax and Welfare
Lecture 14
Lecture 15 - Nobel Laureates, Coase Theorem, Costs of Abatement, Cap and Trade
Lecture 16 - Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, EPA
Lecture 17 - Sulfur Dioxide, Coal Fired Electricity
Lecture 18 - Regulation, Command and Control, Market Based
Lecture 19 - Enforcement and Compliance, Political Economy
Lecture 20 - Discounting, Interest Rates, Present Value - Future Value
Lecture 21 - Project Planning: Benefit Cost Analysis, Endangered Species Act, Levelized Costs of Energy
Lecture 22 - Resources, Hotelling
Lecture 23 - Renewable Resources: Forestry, Forest Economics
Lecture 24 - Renewable Resources: Fisheries
Lecture 25 - Water Resources
Lecture 26 - Agriculture and Environmental Issues: Resource Inputs to Global Food Supply, Agricultural Policy
Lecture 27 - Economic Growth and the Environment: National Accounts, Montreal Protocol, Carbon
Lecture 28 - Sustainability, Carbon, Evaluations
Lecture 29 - Review