Economics 493: History of Economic Thought

Economics 493/593: History of Economic Thought (Fall 2008, University of Oregon). Instructor: Professor Mark Thoma. This course looks at economic thought from the ancient world to the 20th century, major schools of economic thought and their relationship to other social ideas of their times. Topics covered include: mercantilism, physiocrats, the classical school (Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus, David Ricardo, Bentham, Say, and Senior, and Mill), socialist thought and Marxian socialism, marginalist school (Jevons, Menger, and Walras), neoclassical school: Marshall and Clark, neoclassical welfare economics: Edgeworth, and the Keynesian school: Keynes. (from

Lecture 01 - Introduction
Lecture 02 - Introduction, Mercantilism
Lecture 03 - Mercantilism, The Physiocrats
Lecture 04 - The Physiocrats, The Classical School - Forerunners
Lecture 05 - The Classical School - Forerunners, Adam Smith
Lecture 06 - The Classical School: Adam Smith
Lecture 07 - The Classical School: Adam Smith, Thomas Robert Malthus
Lecture 08 - Thomas Robert Malthus, David Ricardo
Lecture 09 - David Ricardo
Lecture 10 - Bentham, Say, Senior, and Mill
Lecture 11 - Senior, and Mill/ The Rise of Socialist Thought, Marxian Socialism
Lecture 12 - The Rise of Socialist Thought, Marxian Socialism
Lecture 13 - Marxian Socialism
Lecture 14 - Marxian Socialism, The Marginalist School
Lecture 15 - The Marginalist School
Lecture 16 - Edgeworth and Clark, Marshall
Lecture 17 - Marshall, Modern Macroeconomic Thought

Economics 493/593: History of Economic Thought (Fall 2008)
Course: Economics 493/593: The Evolution of Economic Ideas. Instructor: Professor Mark Thoma. Text: The Evolution of Economic Thought, 7th ed., by Brue and Grant.