HEA 100: Health and Lifestyles

HEA 100: Health and Lifestyles (Spring 2015, csuDH). Instructor: Professor Christopher Cappelli. This course aims to familiarize the student with relationships among the physical, social and psychological aspects of health, which include: self-care, prevention and analysis of personal health problems through participation in self-assessment techniques. Topics include the relationship of lifestyles to nutrition, stress, physical fitness, relationships, mental illness, and personal safety.

Lecture 01 - What is Health? Health and Wellness
Lecture 02 - Stress
Lecture 03 - Emotional Intelligence, Procrastination and Time Management Skills
Lecture 04 - Healthy Diet
Lecture 05 - Physical Fitness
Lecture 06 - Weight Management, Relationships
Lecture 07 - Human Sexuality and Sexual Health
Lecture 08 - Healthy Sexuality, Pregnancy, Contraception
Lecture 09 - Drugs and Drug Addiction
Lecture 10 - The Effects of Using Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
Lecture 11 - Psychological and Environmental Health
Lecture 12 - Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer
Lecture 13 - Injuries, Personal Safety