HST.512 - Genomic Medicine

HST.512 Genomic Medicine (Spring 2004, MIT OCW). Instructor: Professor Isaac Kohane. This course reviews the key genomic technologies and computational approaches that are driving advances in prognostics, diagnostics, and treatment. Throughout the semester, emphasis will return to issues surrounding the context of genomics in medicine including: what does a physician need to know? what sorts of questions will s/he likely encounter from patients? how should s/he respond? Lecturers will guide the student through real world patient-doctor interactions. Outcome considerations and socioeconomic implications of personalized medicine are also discussed. (from

Lecture 01 - Genomic Introduction
Lecture 02 - Introduction to Biology and Genomic Measurement
Lecture 03 - Measurement Techniques
Lecture 04 - Microarray: Massively Parallel Measurement
Lecture 05 - Limits of Technologies
Lecture 06 - Information Science at the Center of Genomic Medicine
Lecture 07 - Informational Resources
Lecture 08 - Complex Traits: What to Believe
Lecture 09 - Machine-Learning Approach
Lecture 10 - Association with Markers
Lecture 11 - The Importance of Data Representation
Lecture 12 - Pharmacogenomics
Lecture 13 - Case Hx: Complex Traits
Lecture 14
Lecture 15 - Microarray Disease Classification
Lecture 16 - Microarray Disease Classification II
Lecture 17 - Direct Prediction of Outcome/ Mortality
Lecture 18 - Case Hx: Cancer Diagnostics
Lecture 19 - Modeling and Reverse Engineering
Lecture 20 - Practical Genomic Medicine

HST.512 Genomic Medicine, Spring 2004
Instructor: Professor Isaac Kohane. Selected Lecture Notes. Assignments. This course reviews the key genomic technologies and computational approaches.