NST 10: Introduction to Human Nutrition

Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology 10: Introduction to Human Nutrition (Fall 2014, UC Berkeley). Instructors: Professor Robert Ryan and Professor Christopher D. Vulpe. This course provides an overview of digestion and metabolism of nutrients. Foods are discussed as a source of nutrients, and the evidence is reviewed as to the effects of nutrition on health. The emphasis of the course is on issues of current interest and on worldwide problems of food and nutrition. Students are required to record their own diet, calculate its composition, and evaluate its nutrient content in light of their particular needs.


Lecture 01 - Course Introduction
Lecture 02 - Tools of a Healthy Diet
Lecture 03 - Gluten Free Diet
Lecture 04 - Human Digestion and Absorption
Lecture 05 - Lipids: Triglycerides
Lecture 06 - Lipids: Phospholipids, Sterols, Lipoproteins
Lecture 07 - Carbohydrates: Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, Complex Carbohydrates
Lecture 08 - Carbohydrates: Alternative Sweeteners, Carbohydrate Digestion & Absorption
Lecture 09 - Proteins: Amino Acids, Synthesis of Proteins, Sources of Protein
Lecture 10 - Hidden Hunger: A Global Epidemic of Micronutrient Deficiency
Lecture 11 - GMOs Biofortification to Combat Vitamin A Deficiency: Folly or Foresight
Lecture 12 - Vitamin D: Super Vitamin Hero - Cure to All that Ails You!
Lecture 13 - Iatrogenic Nutritional Deficiencies as a Consequence of Bariatric Surgery
Lecture 14 - Inherited Disorders of Metal Metabolism Provide Insight into Role of Metals in Nutrition
Lecture 15 - Nutrition and Food Insecurity
Lecture 16 - Nutrition and Food Insecurity during Pregnancy
Lecture 17 - Alcohol: Sources of Alcohol, Alcohol Metabolism, Health Effects of Alcohol
Lecture 18 - Energy Metabolism
Lecture 19 - Energy Metabolism (cont.), Barth Syndrome, Energy Balance
Lecture 20 - Energy Balance, Weight Control and Eating Disorders
Lecture 21 - Nutrition, Exercise and Sports
Lecture 22 - Ergogenic Aids, Nutrition During the Growing Years
Lecture 23 - Nutrition During the Growing Years (cont.), Nutrition During the Adult Years
Lecture 24 - Nutrition Jeopardy