SOCW 7377: Drugs and Society

SOCW 7377: Drugs and Society (University of Houston). Instructor: Professor Dr. Susan Robbins. This course examines current bio-psychosocial problems of alcohol and drug use, abuse, and addiction with focus on historical antecedents pharmacological action, and factors associated with alcohol and drug taking behavior. Implications for policy and social work practice are emphasized.

Lecture 01 - Why People Use Drugs: Motivations for Drug Use
Lecture 02 - Pharmacology and Drugs of Abuse
Lecture 03 - History of Drug and Alcohol Control
Lecture 04 - Drugs: Who, What, Why and How Much
Lecture 05 - Cultural Factors in Drug Use: The Case of U.S. Hispanics
Lecture 06 - Drug Use, Misuse, Abuse and Addiction
Lecture 07 - Appropriate Medical Use of Drugs vs. Abuse; Use of Opiates for Pain Management
Lecture 08 - Drug Use & HIV/AIDS/STIs; Prevention and Treatment Issues with Gay Men and Lesbian Women
Lecture 09 - Legal and Judicial Perspectives on Illegal Drugs
Lecture 10 - Adolescent Drug Use and Abuse
Lecture 11 - Drug policy Reform: National and International Perspectives: Drug Policy Forum of Texas
Lecture 12 - Current Policy & Treatment Issues
Lecture 13 - Prevention and Treatment
Lecture 14 - Prenatal and Neonatal Effects/Treatment with Women
Lecture 15 - Extra Lecture: Sergeant Frank Miller, Part I
Lecture 16 - Extra Lecture: Sergeant Frank Miller, Part II