HIST 4395: The Vikings

HIST 4395: The Vikings (University of Houston). Instructor: Professor Sally Vaughn. History, culture, and religion of Vikings from their Indo-European roots and migration to Scandinavia through their invasions of Europe, excursions to North America, and trade with the Byzantine and Muslim worlds: state-building and impact on world history.


Lecture 1A - Introduction
Lecture 1B - The Origins of the Vikings
Lecture 2A - Viking Material Culture
Lecture 2B - Viking Material Culture (cont.)
Lecture 3A - Viking Society
Lecture 3B - Viking Society (cont.)
Lecture 4A - Viking Arts
Lecture 4B - Viking Runes
Lecture 5A - Viking Women
Lecture 5B - Viking Women (cont.)
Lecture 6A - Viking Religion: the Mythology
Lecture 6B - Viking Religion: Rituals, Feasts, Sacrifices
Lecture 7A - Viking Sagas I
Lecture 7B - Viking Sagas II
Lecture 8A - Viking Ships and Weapons
Lecture 8B - The First Viking Invasions
Lecture 9A - The Viking in the Orkneys
Lecture 9B - Vikings in Ireland and Scotland
Lecture 10A - Viking Iceland
Lecture 10B - Medieval Iceland
Lecture 11A - Greenland and Vinland
Lecture 11B - Land of the Rus
Lecture 12A - Alfred's England: After the First Conquest
Lecture 12B - Viking Normandy
Lecture 13A - Scandinavian Kingdom of England
Lecture 13B - The Bayeux Tapestry
Lecture 14A - Christianization of Scandinavia
Lecture 14B - Formation of Scandinavian Kingdom