History 2D: Science, Magic, and Religion

History 2D: Science, Magic, and Religion (Spring 2009, UCLA). Taught by Professor Courtenay Raia, this course deals with science and religion as historical phenomena that have evolved over time and examines the earlier mind-set before 1700 when into science fitted elements that came eventually to be seen as magical. The course also question how Western cosmologies became "disenchanted." Magical tradition transformed into modern mysticisms is also examined as well as the political implications of these movements. And the course includes discussion concerning science in totalitarian settings as well as "big science" during the Cold War.


Lecture 01 - Course Introduction
Lecture 02 - Greek Mysticism and Rationality
Lecture 03 - The Patristic Period
Lecture 04 - The Witch Craze
Lecture 05 - Reformation and Revolution
Lecture 06 - 17th Century Though
Lecture 07 - Newton and the Enlightenment
Lecture 08 - Mechanical Philosophy
Lecture 09 - Religion, Regicide, and Revolution
Lecture 10
Lecture 11 - Nature and Romanticism
Lecture 12 - Darwin and Science
Lecture 13 - Romanticism and Spiritualism
Lecture 14 - Psychical Research
Lecture 15 - Human Sciences and Freud
Lecture 16 - Gnostic Revival
Lecture 17 - 20th Century Physics
Lecture 18 - Quantum Mechanics
Lecture 19 - Spiritualism in the New Age
Lecture 20 - Concluding Lecture