Law 270.6: Energy Regulations and the Environment

Law 270.6: Energy Regulations and the Environment (Spring 2008, UC Berkeley). Instructor: Professor Steve Weissman. The course examines both the traditional monopoly model of regulation and evolving competitive alternatives. The course exposes students to energy resource planning, pollution management, rate design, green markets, energy efficiency, demand side management, renewable energy portfolios, climate change, and carbon management. The course provides an introduction to administrative law and to practice issues in the field.

Lecture 01 - Introduction to Energy and Electricity
Lecture 02 - Public Utilities & Rate Regulation: Intro to Finance
Lecture 03 - Public Utilities & Rate Regulation: Cost of Service Regulation (Part 1)
Lecture 04 - Public Utilities & Rate Regulation (Part 2)
Lecture 05 - Public Utilities and Rate Regulation
Lecture 06 - Resource Alternatives: Tradition Fuels, Oil and Hydroelectric Power
Lecture 07
Lecture 08 - Resource Alternatives: Natural Gas
Lecture 09 - Resource Alternatives: Renewable Energy - The Technologies
Lecture 10 - Demand Side Management: Energy Efficiency
Lecture 11 - Performance Based Ratemaking and Decoupling
Lecture 12 - Deregulation and Markets: Wholesale Electricity Markets
Lecture 13
Lecture 14 - Climate Change and Carbon Markets
Lecture 15 - Course Review