Law 272.3: Climate Change: Law and Policy

Law 272.3: Climate Change: Law and Policy (Fall 2008, UC Berkeley). Instructor: Prof. Cymie Payne and Prof. Dan Farber. Climate change will be a core concern that will influence policy and economic activity for years to come. It raises classic issues of distributional justice, law and science, risk, uncertainty and precaution, litigation strategy, technology policy, and international relations. Students will leave this course with an understanding of the sources and impacts of climate change, the key state, national and international policies, and the role of law.

Lecture 01 - The Science of Climate Change
Lecture 02 - The Economics of Climate Change
Lecture 03 - Financing Adaptation
Lecture 04 - Insurance
Lecture 05 - The International Climate Regime
Lecture 06 - Technology and Policy for Mitigation
Lecture 07 - Climate Change and Biodiversity
Lecture 08 - Climate and Trade Law: The Biofuels Problem
Lecture 09 - Massachusetts v. EPA and its Aftermath
Lecture 10 - Putting a Price on Carbon - Cap & Trade, Carbon Tax
Lecture 11 - Current Federal Statutes and Litigation
Lecture 12 - State initiatives