8.04 Quantum Physics I

8.04 Quantum Physics I (Spring 2016, MIT OCW). Instructor: Prof. Barton Zwiebach. This is the first course in the undergraduate Quantum Physics sequence. It introduces the basic features of quantum mechanics. It covers the experimental basis of quantum physics, introduces wave mechanics, Schrodinger's equation in a single dimension, and Schrodinger's equation in three dimensions.

This presentation of 8.04 by Barton Zwiebach (2016) differs somewhat and complements nicely the presentation of Allan Adams (2013). Adams covers a larger set of ideas; Zwiebach tends to go deeper into a smaller set of ideas, offering a systematic and detailed treatment. Adams begins with the subtleties of superposition, while Zwiebach discusses the surprises of interaction-free measurements. While both courses overlap over a sizable amount of standard material, Adams discussed applications to condensed matter physics, while Zwiebach focused on scattering and resonances. The different perspectives of the instructors make the problem sets in the two courses rather different. (from

Quantum Mechanics as a Framework

Part 1: Basic Concepts
Lecture 01 - An Overview of Quantum Mechanics
Lecture 02 - Overview of Quantum Mechanics (cont.), Interaction-free Measurements
Lecture 03 - Photoelectric Effect, Compton Scattering, and de Broglie Wavelength
Lecture 04 - de Broglie Matter Waves, Group Velocity and Stationary Phase, Wave for a Free Particle
Lecture 05 - Momentum Operator, Schrodinger Equation, and Interpretation of the Wavefunction
Lecture 06 - Probability Density and Current, Hermitian Conjugation
Lecture 07 - Wavepackets and Uncertainty, Time Evolution and Shape Change Time Evolutions
Lecture 08 - Uncovering Momentum Space, Expectation Values and their Time Dependence
Lecture 09 - Observables, Hermitian Operators, Measurement and Uncertainty, Particle on a Circle
Part 2: Quantum Physics in One-dimensional Potentials
Lecture 10 - Uncertainty (cont.), Stationary States, Particle on a Circle
Lecture 11 - Uncertainty (cont.), Stationary States, Particle on a Circle
Lecture 12 - Properties of 1D Energy Eigenstates, Qualitative Properties of Wavefunctions, Shooting Method
Lecture 13 - Delta Function Potential, Justifying the Node Theorem, Simple Harmonic Oscillator
Lecture 14 - Simple Harmonic Oscillator II: Creation and Annihilation Operators
Lecture 15 - Simple Harmonic Oscillator III: Scattering States and Step Potential
Lecture 16 - Step Potential Reflection and Transmission Coefficients, Phase Shift, Wavepackets and Time Delay
Lecture 17 - Ramsauer-Townsend Effect, Scattering in 1D
Lecture 18 - Scattering in 1D (cont.), Example, Levinson's Theorem
Part 3: One-dimensional Scattering, Angular Momentum, and Central Potentials
Lecture 19 - Resonances and Breit-Wigner Distribution, The Complex k-plane
Lecture 20 - Central Potentials and Angular Momentum
Lecture 21 - Legendre Equation, Radial Equation, Hydrogen Atom 2-body Problem
Lecture 22 - Hydrogen Atom (cont.), Differential Equation, Series Solution and Quantum Numbers
Lecture 23 - Spectrum for Hydrogen, Virial Theorem, Circular Orbits and Eccentricity
Lecture 24 - Hydrogen Atom, The Simplest Quantum System and Emergent Angular Momentum

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8.04 Quantum Physics I, Spring 2016
Instructor: Prof. Barton Zwiebach. Lecture Notes. Assignments: Problem Sets (no solutions). Exams (no solutions). This course introduces the basic features of quantum mechanics.