Advanced Quantum Theory

Tobias Osborne is a researcher in quantum information theory based at the Institut fur Theoretische Physik, Leibniz Universitat Hannover. Tobias gives a course on advanced quantum theory. This course is intended for theorists with familiarity with basic textbook single-particle quantum mechanics. The main objective is to understand how to study many interacting particles within QM. We will cover second quantisation, scattering theory, and some elementary relativistic quantum mechanics.

Lecture 01 - The Configuration Space of Multiple Identical Classical Particles
Lecture 02 - Identical Particles: Configuration Space (cont.), Identical Quantum Particles
Lecture 03 - Identical Particles: Quantisation and Fibre Bundles
Lecture 04 - The Construction of Fock Space
Lecture 05 - The Construction of Fock Space (cont.)
Lecture 06 - The Construction of Fock Space (cont.)
Lecture 07 - The Second Quantisation Procedure
Lecture 08 - The Description of Second Quantised Hamiltonians
Lecture 09 - Quantum Fields and Coherent States
Lecture 10 - The Variational Method over Coherent States
Lecture 11 - The Degenerate Electron Gas
Lecture 12 - Scattering Theory
Lecture 13 - Moller Operators and the S-Matrix
Lecture 14 - The S-Matrix and the Scattering Cross Section
Lecture 15 - The Optical Theorem, Green's Functions, and T Operators
Lecture 16 - Stationary Scattering States
Lecture 17 - Spatial Description of Scattering
Lecture 18 - Symmetries and Wigner's Theorem

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