Astronomy C13 - Origins: From the Big Bang to the Emergence of Humans

Astronomy & Integrative Biology C13: Origins - From the Big Bang to the Emergence of Humans (Fall 2014, UC Berkeley). Instructors: Prof. Charles Marshall and Prof. Eliot Quataert. This course will cover our modern scientific understanding of origins, from the Big Bang to the formation of planets like Earth, evolution by natural selection, the genetic basis of evolution, and the emergence of humans. These ideas are of great intrinsic scientific importance and also have far reaching implications for other aspects of people's lives (e.g., philosophical, religious, and political). A major theme will be the scientific method and how we know what we know.

The Science of Origins

Lecture 01 - The Science of Origins
Lecture 02 - An Astronomical Census - What is Out There!
Lecture 03 - A Biological Census - Life's Diversity and its Universal Underpinnings
Lecture 04 - Gravity - Holding the Universe Together
Lecture 05 - The Formation of Stars, Planets, and the Solar System
Lecture 06 - The History of the Earth and its Life
Lecture 07 - How the Earth Works
Lecture 08 - The Properties of Stars and the Nature of Matter
Lecture 09 - Fusion and the Furnaces Inside Stars (No Audio)
Lecture 10 - The Life and Death of Stars
Lecture 11 - The Origin of Life
Lecture 12 - Evolution, Species, Speciation
Lecture 13 - The Big Bang: The History of the Universe
Lecture 14 - The Big Bang: What the Universe is Made of
Lecture 15 - From the Big Bang to Habitable Planets
Lecture 16 - Origin of Major Evolutionary Innovations
Lecture 17 - Comets, Asteroids, and the Death of Dinosaurs
Lecture 18 - Climate Change from the Cambrian to the Ice Age
Lecture 19 - The Evolution of Our Human-ness
Lecture 20 - Our Transformation of the Planet
Lecture 21 - Life and Extreme Environments on Earth and in the Solar System
Lecture 22 - Worlds Beyond Our Solar System
Lecture 23 - The Probability of (Intelligent) Life in the Universe
Lecture 24 - Outstanding Questions & Prospects of the Future

Astronomy & Integrative Biology C13
Instructors: Charles Marshall (Integrative Biology and UC Museum of Paleontology) and Eliot Quataert (Astronomy and Physics). Origins: from the Big Bang to the Emergence of Humans.