Electronics. Instructor: Professor D. C. Dube, Department of Physics, IIT Delhi. It is a basic introductory course on Electronics and its Principles. It starts with basics of p-n junctions leading to diodes and transistors. The circuit applications of transistors as amplifiers of various kind and their analysis is followed by an understanding of junction FET and MOSFET. In the end, characteristics of differential and operational amplifiers leading to linear and nonlinear applications are discussed. (from


Unit 1: p-n Diode
Lecture 01 - p-n Diode: Introduction to Semiconductors, How p-n Junction is Formed
Lecture 02 - p-n Junction/Diode: Fermi Energy and Fermi Level, Forward Bias
Lecture 03 - p-n Diode: Reverse Bias, I-V Characteristics, Junction Capacitance, Junction Breakdown
Lecture 04 - Diode Applications
Unit 2: Transistor (BJT)
Lecture 05 - Transistors
Lecture 06 - Transistors: Reverse-Bias (cont.)
Lecture 07 - Transistors: Current Gains, I-V Characteristics of a Transistor
Lecture 08 - Transistors: I-V Characteristics of a Transistor (cont.), AC equivalent Circuit
Lecture 09 - Biasing a Transistor
Lecture 10 - Biasing of Transistors
Unit 3: Small Signal BJT Amplifiers
Lecture 11 - H and R Parameters and their Use in Small Amplifiers
Lecture 12 - Small Signal Amplifier Analysis using H Parameters
Lecture 13 - Small Signal Amplifier Analysis using R Parameters
Lecture 14 - R Analysis (cont.)
Lecture 15 - Common Collector (CC) Amplifier (cont.)
Unit 4: Feedback and Frequency Response in Amplifiers
Lecture 16 - Feedback in Amplifiers, Feedback Configurations and Multi-stage Amplifiers
Lecture 17 - Reduction in Nonlinear Distortion
Lecture 18 - Input/Output Impedances in Negative Feedback Amplifiers (cont.)
Lecture 19 - RC Coupled Amplifiers
Lecture 20 - RC Coupled Amplifiers (cont.)
Lecture 21 - RC Coupled Amplifiers (cont.)
Unit 5: Field Effect Transistors (FETs)
Lecture 22 - FETs and MOSFET
Lecture 23 - FETs and MOSFET (cont.)
Lecture 24 - Depletion-MOSFET
Lecture 25 - Drain and Transfer Characteristics of E-MOSFET
Lecture 26 - Self Bias and Design Procedure
Lecture 27 - FET/MOSFET Amplifiers and their Analysis
Lecture 28 - CMOS Inverter
Lecture 29 - CMOS Inverter (cont.)
Unit 6: Power Amplifiers
Lecture 30 - Power Amplifiers: Classification of Power Amplifiers
Lecture 31 - Power Amplifiers: Class A Amplifiers, Class B Amplifiers
Lecture 32 - Power Amplifiers: Class B Amplifiers (cont.), Class AB Operation
Lecture 33 - Power Amplifiers: Class C Amplifiers
Unit 7: Differential and Operational Amplifiers
Lecture 34 - Differential and Operational Amplifiers: DC Analysis
Lecture 35 - Differential and Operational Amplifiers: AC Analysis
Lecture 36 - Differential and Operational Amplifiers: CMRR, RC Coupled Amplifiers, Op Amps
Lecture 37 - Operational Amplifiers in Open Loop
Lecture 38 - Operational Amplifiers in Open Loop (cont.)
Lecture 39 - Summing Amplifiers
Lecture 40 - Frequency Response in Integrator
Lecture 41 - Filters
Lecture 42 - Specification of Op Amplifiers

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Instructor: Professor D.C. Dube, Department of Physics, IIT Delhi. It is a basic introductory course on Electronics and its Principles.