Modern Optics

Modern Optics. Instructor: Prof. Partha Roy Chaudhuri, Department of Physics, IIT Kharagpur. Optics is a core discipline in science. There has been a remarkable upsurge in Optics in view of technological advancement, rapidly growing applications in the broad area of optics and photonics encompassing all sectors of civil, defense, biomedical research, signal processing and instrumentation. In the proposed course we plan to bring up the basic characteristics of electromagnetic propagation in material media of isotropic/anisotropic linear/nonlinear nature, propagation in layered structures and waveguides. The interaction of light waves with intervening media that gives rise to various phenomena, namely the electro-optic, magneto-optic, acousto-optic effects will be discussed in the platform of the underlying physics. The course will offer a comprehensive background in understanding several device applications based on these light-matter interaction properties. (from

Maxwell Equations and Electromagnetic Waves

Maxwell Equations and Electromagnetic Waves
Lecture 01 - Maxwell Equations and Electromagnetic Waves
Lecture 02 - Wave Equations and their Solutions in Coordinate Systems
Lecture 03 - Plane Electromagnetic Waves in Free Space
Lecture 04 - Polarization of the Electromagnetic Waves
Lecture 05 - Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves and Energy Flow
Lecture 06 - Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Absorbing Media
Lecture 07 - Electric Field of Plane Waves, Superposition of Waves, Concept of Polarization
Wave Propagation in Anisotropic Media
Lecture 08 - Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Anisotropic Media
Lecture 09 - Propagation of Plane EM Waves in Anisotropic Media
Lecture 10 - Wave Refractive Index and Polarization
Lecture 11 - Index Ellipsoid and Permittivity Tensor
Lecture 12 - Ellipsoid Matrix, Euler Angle Rotation, Transformation Matrix
Wave Propagation in Layered Structures
Lecture 13 - Electromagnetic Waves in Interfaces and Layered Structures
Lecture 14 - P-polarized Wave, Energy Reflection and Transmission, Brewster's Angle
Lecture 15 - Fresnel Coefficients for S-polarised Wave, Normal Incidence
Lecture 16 - Total Internal Reflection at Dielectric Interface
Lecture 17 - General Propagation of EM Waves through Layered Structures
Waves in Guided Structures and Modes
Lecture 18 - Concept of TE and TM Modes, Waves in Planar Waveguide Structures
Lecture 19 - EM Waves and Modes in Parallel Plate and Rectangular Metal Waveguides
Lecture 20 - EM Waves in Guiding Structures and Modes: Symmetric Slab Waveguides
Lecture 21 - EM Waves and Modes: Symmetric and Asymmetric Slab Waveguides
Lecture 22 - Guide Mode Properties: Power Associated, Real Eigenvalues, Orthogonality of Modes
Lecture 23 - Types of Optical Waveguides, Graded Index Waveguides
Coupling of Waves and Optical Couplers
Lecture 24 - Mode Coupling and Devices, Directional Coupler, Coupled Mode Analysis
Lecture 25 - Analysis of Planar Directional Coupler
Lecture 26 - Optical Fibers
Lecture 27 - Fiber Couplers and Coupler Devices
Lecture 28 - Fiber Couplers and Coupler Devices (cont.)
Electro-optic Effect
Lecture 29 - Understanding Electro-optic Effect, Distortion of Ellipsoid, Birefringence
Lecture 30 - Impermeability Change under Electric Field, Electro-optic Tensors
Lecture 31 - Electro-optics of Isotropic Media
Lecture 32 - Basics of Electro-optic Light Modulation
Lecture 33 - Electro-optics of Isotropic Media: Gallium Arsenide Crystal
Electro-optic Modulators and Devices
Lecture 34 - Electro-optics of Anisotropic Medium: Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate (KDP)
Lecture 35 - Electro-optics of KDP: Longitudinal Configuration of KDP; Phase Modulation
Lecture 36 - Electro-optics of KDP: Longitudinal Configuration of KDP; Amplitude Modulation
Lecture 37 - Electro-optics of KDP: Transverse Configuration of KDP; Modulator Design
Lecture 38 - Electro-optics of LiNbO3
Lecture 39 - Kerr Electro-optic Effect
Lecture 40 - Electro-optic Modulators and Devices
Acousto-optic Effect
Lecture 41 - Acousto-optic Effect: Elastic Deformation
Lecture 42 - Acoustic Wave and Elastic Deformation
Lecture 43 - Photoelastic Effect, Symmetric Nature of Impermeability and Strain Tensor
Lecture 44 - More on Acoustic Wave Propagation in Isotropic and Anisotropic Medium
Lecture 45 - Acoustic Wave in Isotropic Medium
Lecture 46 - Acoustic Wave in Anisotropic Medium
Lecture 47 - Incident Light Wave; Raman-Nath Diffraction
Lecture 48 - Raman-Nath Diffraction (cont.)
Lecture 49 - Acousto-optic Bragg Diffraction: Small Bragg Angle Diffraction
Lecture 50 - Small Bragg Angle Diffraction, Bragg Condition
Lecture 51 - Large Bragg Angle Diffraction: Codirectional and Contra-directional Coupling
Lecture 52 - Small Bragg Angle Diffraction in terms of the Vector Model
Lecture 53 - Bragg Diffraction: Vector Wave Equation, Polarization Coupling
Acousto-optic Modulators and Devices
Lecture 54 - Small Bragg Angle Diffraction: Polarization Coupling
Lecture 55 - Modulators based on Acousto-optic Diffraction
Lecture 56 - Bragg-type Acousto-optic Modulator
Lecture 57 - Bragg-type Acousto-optic Modulator: Acousto-optic Spectrum Analyser
Magneto-optic Effect
Lecture 58 - Magneto-optic Effect
Lecture 59 - Magneto-optic Effect with the Faraday Rotation

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Modern Optics
Instructor: Prof. Partha Roy Chaudhuri, Department of Physics, IIT Kharagpur. The course will offer a comprehensive background in understanding several device applications based on light-matter interaction properties.