PH 3451: Fundamental Acoustics

PH 3451: Fundamental Acoustics. Instructor: Prof. Bruce Denardo, Department of Physics, NPS (Naval Postgraduate School). Development of, and solutions to, the acoustic wave equation in fluids; propagation of plane, spherical and cylindrical waves in fluids; sound pressure level, intensity, and specific acoustic impedance; normal and oblique incidence reflection and transmission from plane boundaries; transmission through a layer; image theory and surface interference; sound absorption and dispersion for classical and relaxing fluids; acoustic behavior of sources and arrays, acoustical reciprocity, continuous line source, plane circular piston, radiation impedance, and the steered line array; transducer properties, sensitivities, and calibration. Laboratory experiments include longitudinal waves in an air-filled tube, surface interference, properties of underwater transducers, three-element array, speed of sound in water, and absorption in gases. Textbook: Kinsler, Frey, Coppens, and Sanders, Fundamentals of Acoustics, 4th Edition.


Lecture 01 - Introduction, Acoustic Wave Equation: Fluid Description
Lecture 02 - Acoustic Wave Equation: Equation of State, Equation of Continuity
Lecture 03 - Linear Wave Equation: Speed of Sound
Lecture 04 - Problem Set: Acoustic Wave Equation
Lecture 05 - Plane Waves, Energy Density
Lecture 06 - Energy Density, Acoustic Intensity and Wave Impedance
Lecture 07 - Spherical Waves
Lecture 08 - Problem Set: Plane Waves, Energy Density, Acoustic Intensity, Spherical Waves
Lecture 09 - Decibel Scales, Transducers
Lecture 10 - Reflection and Transmission
Lecture 11 - Problem Set: Decibel Scales, Transducers
Lecture 12 - Reflection and Transmission: Normal Incidence
Lecture 13 - Reflection and Transmission: Oblique Incidence
Lecture 14 - Reflection and Transmission: Method of Images, Far Field of a Two-Point Source
Lecture 15 - Problem Set: Reflection and Transmission
Lecture 16 - Radiation from a Pulsating Sphere, Acoustic Reciprocity
Lecture 17 - Radiation: Acoustic Reciprocity, Uniform Line Source
Lecture 18 - Problem Set: Radiation
Lecture 19 - Radiation: Helmholtz Resonators
Lecture 20 - Radiation: Baffled Plane Circular Piston
Lecture 21 - Far Field Radiation Pattern of a Baffled Piston, Radiation Impedance
Lecture 22 - Radiation Impedance and Examples, Properties of Sources
Lecture 23 - Problem Set: Baffled Piston, Radiation Impedance
Lecture 24 - Radiation: Directivity
Lecture 25 - Attenuation of Sound: Thermodynamics Example, Viscosity
Lecture 26 - Problem Set: Directivity, Attenuation of Sound
Lecture 27 - Attenuation of Sound: Complex Speed of Sound, Thermal Losses
Lecture 28 - Attenuation of Sound: Classical Absorption Coefficient, Molecular Thermal Relaxation
Lecture 29 - Problem Set: Attenuation of Sound
Lecture 30 - Attenuation of Sound: Acoustic Calculation
Lecture 31 - Attenuation of Sound: Absorption of Sound in Air and Water
Lecture 32 - Problem Set: Attenuation of Sound
Lecture 33 - Sound in Pipes: Resonance in Pipes
Lecture 34 - Sound in Pipes: Power of Radiation from Open Ends, Wave Pattern inside a Pipe
Lecture 35 - Absorption of Sound in Pipes
Lecture 36 - Sound in Pipes: Driver-Pipe System
Lecture 37 - Acoustics in Cavities
Lecture 38 - Problem Set: Sound in Pipes