PHY 100: Patterns in Nature

PHY 100: Patterns in Nature (Spring 2011, csuDHTV). California State University Dominguez Hills. Instructor: Professor Jim Hill. Unifying principles of elastic, sound, light and matter waves. Models of nature. Successes and failures of wave and particle models and their synthesis. Designed for non-science students. Partially meets the lower division General Education requirement in Natural Sciences.

Lecture 01 - Introduction, Nature of Science and Motion
Lecture 02 - Vibration (Oscillation), Waves (Properties/Vocabulary), Sound Waves
Lecture 03 - Sound Waves (cont.)
Lecture 04 - Sound and Music, Electricity and Magnetism
Lecture 05 - Electricity and Magnetism (cont.), Electromagnetic Waves
Lecture 06 - Light: Speed of Light, Radiation
Lecture 07 - Waves, Earthquake & Tsunami, Nuclear Reactions
Lecture 08 - Light: Seeing & Seeing Colors
Lecture 09 - Light: Colors, Reflection, Refraction
Lecture 10 - Light: Refraction Consequences, Wave Properties (more about Colors)
Lecture 11 - Light: Wave Properties, Light Source Examples
Lecture 12 - Light Sources, Modern Physics: Quantum Mechanics
Lecture 13 - Review, Radioactivity, The Nucleus
Lecture 14 - The Atom: What's inside Counts