Physics C10 - Descriptive Introduction to Physics

Physics C10: Descriptive Introduction to Physics (Spring 2015, UC Berkeley). Taught by Professor Steven W. Stahler, this course deals with some of interesting and important topics in physics. This course stresses conceptual understanding rather than math, with applications to current events. Topics covered may vary and may include energy and conservation, radioactivity, nuclear physics, the Theory of Relativity, lasers, explosions, earthquakes, superconductors, and quantum physics. Physics and Technology for Future Presidents by Richard A. Muller is used as the textbook for the course.

Course Introduction

Lecture 01 - Course Introduction, Energy and Conservation
Lecture 02 - Energy and Conservation, Power
Lecture 03 - Atoms and Heat
Lecture 04 - Atoms and Heat (cont.)
Lecture 05 - Atoms and Heat (cont.), Gravity and Motion
Lecture 06 - Gravity and Motion (cont.)
Lecture 07 - Gravity and Motion (cont.)
Lecture 08 - Nuclei and Radioactivity
Lecture 09 - Nuclei and Radioactivity (cont.)
Lecture 10 - Nuclear Reactors, Nuclear Waste, Nuclear Weapons
Lecture 11 - Electricity and Magnetism
Lecture 12 - Electricity and Magnetism (cont.)
Lecture 13 - Electricity and Magnetism (cont.)
Lecture 14 - Electricity and Magnetism (cont.), Waves
Lecture 15 - Waves (cont.)
Lecture 16 - Light
Lecture 17 - Light (cont.)
Lecture 18 - Invisible Light
Lecture 19 - Invisible Light (cont.)
Lecture 20 - Topics in Science, Climate Change
Lecture 21 - Quantum Physics
Lecture 22 - Quantum Physics (cont.)
Lecture 23 - Theory of Special Relativity
Lecture 24 - Theory of General Relativity and Cosmology
Lecture 25 - The Universe
Lecture 26 - Formation of Stars, Course Review

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