Physics 20E: Life in the Universe

Physics 20E: Life in the Universe (Spring 2015, UC Irvine). Instructor: Professor James Bullock. This course provides an overview of the scientific quest to discover life elsewhere in the universe. Topics covered include: the emergence of life on the Earth, life on Mars and throughout the Solar System, the search for habitable worlds and life around other stars in our Galaxy, extraterrestrial intelligence, and techniques to search for signs of life on distant planets.

Lecture 01 - Motivations, Imaginings and the Meaning of Life
Lecture 02 - Defining Life and Our Place in the Universe
Lecture 03 - Revolutions in Matter and Earth
Lecture 04 - Deep Time and the Biological Revolution
Lecture 05 - Sky Above and Earth Below
Lecture 06 - Earth's Atmosphere and Climate
Lecture 07 - Life and the Rise of Oxygen
Lecture 08 - DNA and the Origin of Life
Lecture 09 - Asteroids, Impacts, and Extinction
Lecture 10 - The Solar System
Lecture 11 - Water and Life on Mars
Lecture 12 - Life in the Outer Solar System
Lecture 13 - Stars
Lecture 14 - Searching for Earth 2.0
Lecture 15 - Intelligent Life: Where is Everybody?
Lecture 16 - The Search for Life

Physics 20E: Life in the Universe
Professor: James S. Bullock. Syllabus. Assignments. Files: Lecture Slides. Quizzes. Optional Text: Life in the Universe (3rd edition), by Bennett & Shostak.