Physics 8A - Introductory Physics

Physics 8A: Introductory Physics (Spring 2013, UC Berkeley). Taught by Professor Michael DeWeese, this course provides an introduction to physics focusing on mechanics, thermal physics, and waves. Introductory Physics - Introduction to forces, kinetics, equilibria, fluids, waves, and heat. This course presents concepts and methodologies for understanding physical phenomena, and is particularly useful preparation for upper division study in biology and architecture.

How to succeed in a physics class

Lecture 01 - How to Succeed in a Physics Class
Lecture 02 - 1-D and 2-D Motion; Projectile Motion
Lecture 03 - Projectile Motion: Monkey and Hunter Demo
Lecture 04 - Forces: Newton's Laws
Lecture 05 - More on Forces with a Focus on Friction; Tablecloth and Dishes Demo
Lecture 06 - Guest Lecture by Dr. Smith; More on Forces and Newton's Laws
Lecture 07 - Yet More on Newton's Laws
Lecture 08 - Circular Motion; Swinging Water in a Bucket Demo
Lecture 09 - Work and Energy; Professor Hoists Himself Up in a Bosun's Chair Demo
Lecture 10 - Conservation of Energy; Bowling Ball Pendulum Swings Back to Head Demo
Lecture 11 - Conservation of Momentum; Systems of Particles; Elephant on a Train
Lecture 12 - Midterm Review; Determining the Muzzle Velocity of a Rifle
Lecture 13 - More on Collisions
Lecture 14 - Q & A for Midterm
Lecture 15 - Rotary Motion; Fast and Slow Rolling
Lecture 16 - More on Rotary Motion
Lecture 17 - Rotary Motion (cont.), Statics & Equilibrium
Lecture 18 - More on Statics; Static Equilibrium
Lecture 19
Lecture 20
Lecture 21 - Fluids; Density & Pressure; Buoyancy
Lecture 22 - Fluids (cont.), Brief Review of Midterm 2
Lecture 23 - Intro to Oscillations & Waves
Lecture 24 - Q & A for Midterm 2, More on Oscillations
Lecture 25 - Waves: Interference, Power & Intensity, Doppler Shift
Lecture 26 - More on Waves, Intro to Thermodynamics, Heat and Temperature, Heat Transfer
Lecture 27 - Kinetic Theory of Gases, First Law of Thermodynamics
Lecture 28 - P-V Diagrams, Energy Transfer; Heat Engines
Lecture 29 - Entropy, Second Law of Thermodynamics, Reversibility
Lecture 30 - Thermodynamics Wrap-up and Brief Review