Supersymmetry and Extra Dimensions

Supersymmetry and Extra Dimensions (University of Cambridge). Instructor: Professor Fernando Quevedo. These lectures on supersymmetry and extra dimensions are aimed at finishing undergraduate and beginning postgraduate students with a background in quantum field theory and group theory. Basic knowledge in general relativity might be advantageous for the discussion of extra dimensions. This course was taught as a 24+1 lecture course in Part III of the Mathematical Tripos in recent years. The first six chapters give an introduction to supersymmetry in four spacetime dimensions, they fill about two thirds of the lecture notes and are in principle self-contained. The remaining two chapters are devoted to extra spacetime dimensions which are in the end combined with the concept of supersymmetry. Videos from the course lectured in 2006 can be found online at this http URL. (from

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Supersymmetry (DAMTP, 2006)
Supersymmetry. Fernando Quevedo. A 4th year lecture course. Department for Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. Centre for Mathematical Sciences.
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Fernando Quevedo. Professor of Theoretical High Energy Physics. Supersymmetry and Extra Dimensions Notes.