Theory of Quantum Noise and Decoherence

Tobias Osborne is a researcher in quantum information theory based at the Institut fur Theoretische Physik, Leibniz Universitat Hannover. Tobias gives a course on the theory of quantum noise and decoherence. This course is intended for both theorists and experimentalists alike who have at least some familiarity with basic textbook quantum mechanics. The main objective is to introduce the Lindblad equation, its derivation, solution, and important examples.

Lecture 01 - Review of Quantum Mechanics
Lecture 02 - Review of Dynamics, Both Closed and Open, in Quantum Mechanics
Lecture 03 - Open System Dynamics of Quantum Mechanics
Lecture 04 - Coherent States, Displacement Operators, and the Characteristic Function
Lecture 05 - Gaussian Quantum States
Lecture 06 - Solving a General Class of Gaussian Systems
Lecture 07 - How to Derive the Master Equation for Open Quantum Systems
Lecture 08 - The Master Equation for Radiative Damping and Cavity Decay
Lecture 09 - Quasi-Free Fermion Systems
Lecture 10 - Master Equations for Quantum Dots
Lecture 11 - Quantum Mechanical Model of Continuous Measurement
Lecture 12 - The Derivation of Lindblad Form for Completely Positive Semigroups
Lecture 13 - Dynamical Semigroups (cont.) and Quantum Jumps

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