PSYCH 9C - Psychology Fundamentals

PSYCH 9C: Psychology Fundamentals (Winter 2015, UC Irvine). Instructor: Professor Peter Ditto. This course is designed to provide freshman Psychology majors with an in-depth survey of general psychology. Topics include biological bases of behavior, sensation, perception, cognition, development, personality, psychopathology, and social psychology. PSYCH 9C discusses topics: the power of the situation, the depths of social influence, persuasion and attitude change, relationships and interpersonal attraction, measuring individual differences, intelligence, personality psychology, Freud's theory of growth and development, Post-Freud personality theory, contemporary personality research, mental illness, serotonin and depression redux, and treating psychological disorders.


Lecture 01 - Introduction to Psychology
Lecture 02 - The Power of the Situation
Lecture 03
Lecture 04 - The Depths of Social Influence
Lecture 05 - Persuasion and Attitude Change
Lecture 06 - Relationships and Interpersonal Attraction
Lecture 07 - Thinking about You, Me, Us, and Them
Lecture 08 - Measuring Individual Differences
Lecture 09 - Intelligence
Lecture 10 - Personality Psychology
Lecture 11 - Freud's Theory of Growth and Development
Lecture 12 - Post-Freud Personality Theory
Lecture 13 - Contemporary Personality Research
Lecture 14 - What is Mental Illness?
Lecture 15 - The "Big Two" Mental Disorders
Lecture 16 - Serotonin and Depression Redux
Lecture 17 - Treating Psychological Disorders: A Whirlwind Tour
Lecture 18 - Can Psychology Fix Human Behavior?

PSYCH 9C: PSYCH Fundamentals
Instructor: Professor Peter Ditto. Syllabus [PDF]. Lecture Slides and Study Guide. Campus Resources: Academics; Libraries; Computing.