The Neuronal Basis of Consciousness

The Neuronal Basis of Consciousness (Caltech). Instructor: Professor Christof Koch. This course is concerned with the correlates of consciousness in the brain. The course focuses on the anatomy, physiology and psychology of sensory consciousness in the mammalian brain, in particular visual perception. Other topics include coma and other disturbances of consciousness, clinical case studies (e.g., prosopagnosia, neglect), attention, memory, zombie systems, free will and some philosophical questions of interest to the student of consciousness.

They are organized into 16 lectures, each about one hour. They follow the textbook by the lecturer, Christof Koch (with much help from his close colleague and mentor, Francis Crick), "The Quest for Consciousness - A Neurobiological Approach."

Lecture 01 - Prolegomenon to the Study of Consciousness
Lecture 02 - Neurons, the Atoms of Perception
Lecture 03 - The First Steps in Seeing
Lecture 04 - Primary Visual Cortex
Lecture 05 - Neuronal Correlates of Consciousness
Lecture 06 - Architecture of Cortex and Going Beyond Visual Cortex
Lecture 07 - Attention and Consciousness
Lecture 08 - The Neuronal Underpinnings of Attention
Lecture 09 - Memories and Consciousness
Lecture 10 - The Zombie Within
Lecture 11 - Clinical Evidence for Zombie Agents
Lecture 12 - The Function of Consciousness
Lecture 13 - On Time and Consciousness
Lecture 14 - When the Mind Flips
Lecture 15 - Splitting the Brain
Lecture 16 - A Framework for Consciousness