SOCW 7397: Comparative Human Behavior

SOCW 7397: Comparative Human Behavior (University of Houston). Instructor: Professor Dr. Susan Robbins. This course focuses on theoretical knowledge of human behavior in the social environment. A person-and-environment perspective is used to compare and contrast biological, social and psychological theories used in social work practice.

Lecture 01 - Systems Theory and its Applications
Lecture 02 - Conflict Theory and its Applications
Lecture 03 - Stratification Theory
Lecture 04 - Deficiency Formulations of Minority Groups
Lecture 05 - Theories of Assimilation, Acculturation & Bicultural Socialization
Lecture 06 - Freudian Theory
Lecture 07 - Erik Erikson, Epigenetic Psychosocial Development
Lecture 08 - The Transgender Umbrella/ GLBT Development
Lecture 09 - Feminist Theories on Human Development
Lecture 10 - Symbolic Interactionism
Lecture 11 - Children's Normal Sexual Development, Theories of Cognitive & Moral Development
Lecture 12 - Transpersonal Theories