Medical Detectives

Medical Detectives (University of Edinburgh). A series of public lectures which show that keen detective work is still essential for 21st Century doctors. Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the lectures highlight the University of Edinburgh's acclaimed medical research. Conan Doyle drew inspiration for his character Sherlock Holmes when he was a medical student at Edinburgh. He based Holmes on the Professor of Medicine Joseph Bell, who was known for his meticulous attention to detail. Today's medical sleuths, just like Holmes, must use powers of observation and deduction not only to make the right diagnosis but also to find new treatments.

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01. Hounds & the Cancer Genes: Cats & Dogs Providing Clues to Treating Human Cancer
02. A Study in Scarring: The Dark Side of Wound Repair
03. On the Cushing Case: A Tale Linked to Obesity
04. Case Book: Fighting Cancer with Killer Cells
05. Cracking the Cell Code: How We Build Vital Organs
06. Prions: The Serial Killers that Attack the Brain
07. Murder of a Heart Valve: An Open-and-shut Case?
08. The Mysteries of Birth: Far From Elementary, My Dear Watson
09. Solving the Mysteries of Paget's Disease
10. Solving Fragile X Syndrome: Looking for Clues in Brain Development
11. The Curious Tale of the Undead: From Potatoes to Cancer
12. Pesticide Deaths in Asia: Looking for the Clues in Prevention
13. Mindbending: The Curious Tale of Psychotropic Drugs
14. Tracking the Elusive Killer
15. Stress Hormones and Heart Disease: The Clue is in Mixed-up Colorist
16. Stem Cell Research
17. Curing Leukaemia: Mustard Gas, Guinea Pigs and DNA
18. The Case of the Vanishing Yellow Man
19. Scanning for a Diagnostic Test for Schizophrenia
20. Why Doesn't the Brain Repair Itself?
21. Doggedly Dependent: A Canine Story of Human Intervention and Form
22. Unlocking the Mysteries of Childhood Epilepsy
23. The Sign of Three: An Investigation into the Epidemic of Itch, Sneeze and Wheeze
24. Unravelling the Mystery of Stroke Disease - The Clue's in the Numbers

Medical Detectives | The University of Edinburgh
A series of public lectures which show that keen detective work is still essential for 21st Century doctors.