Mathematics and the Making of the Modern and Future World

A series of public lectures showing how relevant mathematics is to all of our lives, and the process by which mathematical ideas move from the abstract to the practical, and also transfer technology between very different disciplines. Whilst introducing you to some advanced modern mathematical ideas, these lectures will start from an elementary level, accessible to all, and will be packed with examples, many of which will be drawn from my own direct experience.

Gresham Professor of Geometry, Chris Budd OBE, is based at the University of Bath, where he is Professor of Applied Mathematics and Director of the Centre of Nonlinear Mechanics. He has a long history of engagement in the public understanding of science and mathematics through institutions such as the Royal Institution and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. (from

Image: Mathematics and the Making of the Modern and Future World

What have Mathematicians Done for Us?
Mathematics has played a vital role in the development of human civilisation, and is the foundation of much of modern technology and popular culture.

The Challenge of Big Data
Information plays a huge role in the modern world, with vast amounts of data literally at our fingertips.

Mathematics Goes to the Movies
An enormous amount of our leisure time is spent interacting with the media, watching television and movies.

How Much Maths Can You Eat?
We all eat and have an interest in food! Indeed food and beverage processing is the world's largest manufacturing industry with a UN Forecast that the world food output must increase by 70% by 2050.

Mathematical Materials
We all rely on materials: natural ones like wood and stone - or manufactured ones such as steel, glass and concrete.

Energetic Mathematics
The annual consumption of electricity in the UK is 300 TWh, supplied over a complex network starting, usually, with power being generated at a power station.

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