Useful Websites

When we type the term, useful websites, for a search on Yahoo! and Google, we can get millions of the search results from those search tools. A number of millions of results, but not few hundreds of results. Why do the search tools retrieve such a large number of results? The reason is that all of us have a different view of a website with respect to our interests. If all of us have the same interests, there should be only one or at best few retrieved results for the search query, useful websites. Like others, we have our own view of what is useful.

According to a dictionary, "Useful" is defined as "helping you to do or get what you want." To be similar, useful website can be defined as "a website that helps you to do or get what you want online." Our website is designed to help people easily find useful links to websites offering educational and informative things such as audio/video lectures, documentaries and language lessons. So we've tried to combine the meaning of useful website with educational and informative things.

This Useful Websites section is largely related to e-Knowledge mining such as Internet search tools, free eBooks, digital libraries, online encyclopedia, and how-to websites. It is made up of four subsections: e-Knowledge Resources, How-To Websites, Internet Search Engines, and Life and Health. The brief description below will help you figure out what they are.

e-Knowledge Resources
Free Encyclopedia | Free e-Books and Libraries
This is a good collection of e-knowledge resources containing free encyclopedia, free e-books and digital libraries, which can help you quench your thirst for knowledge.

How-To Websites
This contains how-to website links offering helpful tips, easy-to-follow instructions, how-to videos and guides about everything.

Internet Search Engines
This section contains a collection of website links about Internet search engines. The links are subdivided into popular web search engines, meta search engines, and specialized search engines in a particular area.

Life and Health
Life and Lifestyle | Health and Wellness
This consists of website links offering tips and advice for life, lifestyle tips, health information, tips on wellness, and more.

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