About Us

Our Mission
We aim to provide the best collection of online resources that help people to educate themselves, to expand their knowledge and intelligence, and to create new values for themselves and the world.

What we do
We do our best to gather online resources that are educational and informative, such as audio/video lectures, documentary films, eBooks, and things for learning languages, and to reorganize them in a simple and comprehensive manner. We are very interested in how to use online resources for educational purposes. Therefore, we are diligent in finding those resources, evaluating them, and linking to them if they meet our standards. When linking to them, we put them in an appropriate categories of our website so that they can be found easily.

The meaning of infocobuild
infocobuild means build information together; info(information), co(together), build(build).
Our website is a kind of directory service that allows anyone to submit a link to share it together with others.