Dan Cruickshank's Adventures in Architecture

Dan Cruickshank's Adventures in Architecture is a BBC television series presented by Dan Cruickshank, in which the presenter travels around the world visiting what he considers to be the world's most unusual and interesting buildings, structures and sites. The series consists of eight episodes, each of which looks at some of world famous architecture in a different theme: beauty, death, paradise, disaster, connections, power, dreams, and pleasure. Dan Cruickshank starts his journey building an igloo in Greenland and seeing the beauty of the structure of it, and then he explores tens of famous buildings, structures and sites around the world, such as Kizhi in Russia, Hanging Temple in China, Palmyra in Syria, Varanasi in India, and Pompeii in Italy.

Adventures in Architecture

Episode 1 - Beauty
In this episode, Dan Cruickshank sees the beauty of the structure of igloo in Greenland, and then he visits the Giant Buddha of Le Shan in China, St Petersburg's Catherine Palace, the Sun Temple in Konorak, India, and the Albi Cathedral in the South of Frence.

Episode 2 - Death
Dan Cruickshank explores the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut in Egypt, the Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic, the Yaxha Mayan pyramids in Guatemala, the Cimitero monumentale di Staglieno in Italy, and Varanasi city in India.

Episode 3 - Paradise
In this episode, Dan Cruickshank explores the buildings: St Catherine Monastery in Egypt, the Hanging Temple in China, Turkey's Suleymaniye Mosque, Kizhi in Russia, and the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in India.

Episode 4 - Disaster
Dan Cruickshank visits buildings and sites destroyed by wars or natural disasters, including Dresden city in Germany, Palmyra in Syria, and the Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan. Some of them have been reconstructed, yet others still remain ruined.

Episode 5 - Connections
Dan Cruickshank visits cities and buildings, politically or commercially notable: Brazil's capital Brasilia, Syria's capital Damascus, the Rockefeller Center in the United States, and Dharavi in Mumbai, India.

Episode 6 - Power
This episode features buildings and sites built to show 'power': the Place of the Parliament in Romania, Marqab Castle in Syria, Evergreen Plantation in the United States, Topkapi Harem in Turkey, and Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan.

Episode 7 - Dreams
In this episode Dan Cruickshank explores buildings and cities built with the future in mind: Shibam - a town in Yemen, Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic, Eastern State Penitentiary in the Unite States, and Thimphu in Bhutan.

Episode 8 - Pleasure
Dan Cruickshank explores buildings and sites built for pleasure, such as hotels and opera houses: the Taj Mahal Palace in India, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, Pompeii in Italy, the Teatro Amazonas in Brazil, and Villa Barbaro in Italy.

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