Captain Cook: Obsession and Discovery

Captain Cook: Obsession and Discovery is a four-part documentary series hosted by Vanessa Collingridge, tracing the private and professional life of Captain James Cook. We step back into the 18th century to experience what it was like to navigate uncharted and unknown waters in search of a legendary Great Southern Continent and then a Northwest Passage through the Arctic ice; as well as to be among the first Europeans to visit exotic Pacific islands like Tahiti. Witness Cook's discovery of Hawaii. Sail the uncharted coast of New Zealand. From the North Pole to South Pole there are Cook Islands, Cook Bays, Cook Points, Cook Reefs, Cook Rivers, Cook Straits, and Cook Towns. Captain Cook described more of the globe than any other man in three incredible voyages.

Episode 1 - A Likely Lad

Episode 1 - A Likely Lad
James Cook journeys from life as a barefoot farm boy to commanding his own ship on one of the British Empire's first great scientific expeditions.

Episode 2 - Taking Command
Captain James Cook sets sail on the history-making adventure in search of one of the great prizes of 18th century exploration, the fabled Great Southern Continent.

Episode 3 - Beyond Speculation
Captain Cook continues his relentless pursuit of a Great Southern Continent, putting fable and mystery to rest. Despite his great skills sailing and navigating across the world, Endeavour runs aground and is nearly lost.

Episode 4 - North West Passage
Cook's passion for exploration continues as he searches for the mythic Northwest Passage, but is it a journey too far? Cook jumps at the chance to take on a third great voyage.

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