Wild Down Under (Wild Australasia)

Wild Down Under (Wild Australasia) is a BBC nature documentary series narrated by Matt Day, exploring the natural history of the Australasian continent. The series consists of six 50-minute episodes, each of which is full of stunning images of Australasia's wildlife and landscapes to reveal the continent's natural wonders. The first episode "Wild Down Under" provides an overview of Australia's natural history. The last episode "New Worlds" deals with man's impact on Australia's wildlife. Except for the two episodes, the remainder explore different wildlife habitats - including the seas, rainforests and deserts - and look at wildlife, many of which are rare and unique.

Episode 1 - Wild Down Under
This episode provides an overview of Australia's natural history and reveals why its natural history has become so distinctive and strange.

Episode 2 - Desert Heart
This episode looks at the deserts of Australia's interior, which make up two two thirds of the land area.

Episode 3 - Southern Seas
This episode features the wildlife of Australasia's seas and coasts, including dugongs, Australian sea lions, and leafy sea dragons.

Episode 4 - Gum Tree Country
This episode focuses on Australia's eucalypt forests and wildlife living there.

Episode 5 - Island Arks
This episode looks at wildlife of the islands that are separated from Australia many million years ago. The islands include New Guinea, Lord Howe Island, New Caledonia and New Zealand.

Episode 6 - New Worlds
This episode explores man's impact on Australia's wildlife, focusing on the changes of the ecosystem brought by humans.

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