Our Big Blue Backyard

Our Big Blue Backyard is a six-part documentary series narrated by Michael Hurst, exploring New Zealand's marine ecosystems right off its coastline. New Zealand's oldest marine reserves are home to many creatures and indigenous species. This series tells the stories of these ocean wildlife, through an intimate portrayal of their daily lives. It celebrates New Zealand's diverse and unique coastlines, featuring six distinctive environments: Northland, Goat Island, Poor Knights Islands, Kaikoura Peninsula, Open Bay Islands, and Stewart Island.

Episode 1 - Northland

Episode 1 - Northland
Northland reveals the unique behavior of a majestic predator and its equally charismatic prey. While only in New Zealand do Orca families cooperatively - and ingeniously - hunt rays.

Episode 2 - Goat Island
This episode explores Goat Island, one of New Zealand's oldest marine reserves. Although the creatures are safe from humans it doesn't mean their life is easy.

Episode 3 - The Poor Knights Island
New Zealand's Poor Knights Islands is considered one of the world's top dive sites and for good reason, with a rich collection of extraordinary characters and bizarre behaviours.

Episode 4 - Kaikoura Peninsula
New Zealand's Kaikoura peninsula is home to the world's most acrobatic dolphin species, some of New Zealand's most robust young Fur Seals, and an unconventional group of Red-Billed Gull families.

Episode 5 - Open Bay Islands
On New Zealand's remote Open Bay Islands, New Zealand fur seals protect their newborns from surging seas, starvation, and predation by Great White Sharks.

Episode 6 - Stewart Island
Little Blue Penguins run the gauntlet to escape Great White Sharks but they're not the only species flirting with death on New Zealand's famous Stewart Island.

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