Australia's First 4 Billion Years

Australia's First 4 Billion Years is a PBS NOVA documentary series hosted by Richard Smith, exploring the history of the planet as seen through the window of the Australian continent. Of all the continents on Earth, none preserves a more spectacular story of our planet's origins than Australia. With help from host and scientist Richard Smith, we meet titanic dinosaurs and giant kangaroos, sea monsters and prehistoric crustaceans, disappearing mountains and deadly asteroids. Epic in scope, intimate in nature, this is the untold story of the land "down under," the one island continent that has got it all.

Episode 1 - Awakening

Episode 1 - Awakening
What can Australia reveal about how Earth was born and how life took hold? This program reveals clues to the mysteries of when the Earth was born, how life first arose, and how it transformed the planet.

Episode 2 - Life Explodes
How did life storm the beaches and dominate planet Earth? Ancient Australian fossils offer clues in "Life Explodes."

Episode 3 - Monsters
This program resurrects the giants that stalked the Great Southern Land and discovers that some of these animals were among the largest ever to have walked the Earth.

Episode 4 - Strange Creatures
This program traces the last 65 million years, revealing the events that shaped the Australia we know today.

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