Landscape Mysteries

Landscape Mysteries is a eight-part BBC documentary series presented by Aubrey Manning, investigating some of the enduring mysteries of the British landscape. Aubrey Manning embarks on a series of journeys in which he tries to solve mysteries hidden in the landscape of the British Isles. Unpicking clues in the geology, natural history, and archaeology, he reveals how the land has come to look the way it does.

Episode 1 - In Search of Irish Gold

Episode 1 - In Search of Irish Gold
Judging by the quantity of gold artifacts discovered in Ireland, gold was readily available there in the Bronze Age but where did it come from? Aubrey Manning investigates.

Episode 2 - Figures in the Chalk
Aubrey Manning investigates the enormous chalk figures - such as the Uffington White Horse and the Long Man of Wilmington - carved into hillsides in Southern England.

Episode 3 - Britain Before the Ice
Aubrey Manning visits the Gower Peninsiula in South Wales to investigate a 29,000 year old skeleton of a young man, and tries to unravel the mystery of the lost world in which this man lived.

Episode 4 - Secrets of the Flood
Aubrey Manning looks at the land movements in Britain; sea levels are falling in Scotland and rising in the south.

Episode 5 - The Tower People of the Shetland
On the Shetland Isles, a series of monumental stone towers (or Brochs) once dominated the landscape. Aubrey Manning sets off to discover what sort of community built the Broch towers and for what purpose.

Episode 6 - The Abandoned Marsh
Aubrey Manning traces the history of Romney Marsh in Kent; there are ruined churches in the middle of fields and tales of towns lost at sea; the area once supported a much bigger population than it does now.

Episode 7 - The Riddle of the Yorkshire Tracks
Aubrey Manning uncovers signs of an early chemical industry on the Yorkshire coast, by looking at strange parallel tracks in the rocks on the North Yorkshire coast.

Episode 8 - The Terraces of Avalon
Aubrey Manning travels to Glastonbury to investigate the origin of a series of stepped terraces on the tor.

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