Earth Story

Earth Story is a BBC science documentary series presented by Aubrey Manning, telling the story of our planet and its constantly changing nature. When and how was the Earth formed? What is the link between earthquakes, volcanoes and the creation of the continents? How do mountains affect our climate? What triggers Ice Ages? Earth Story tries to answer those questions on our planet, taking us a journey of scientific discovery in various locations around the world, from the craters of active volcanoes to the ocean floor. And also, to explain a comprehensive history of life on our planet, it uses computer graphics which enable us to travel back and forwards through time.

Episode 1 - The Time Travellers

Episode 1 - The Time Travellers
Geologists, who study the Earth, seek to understand the processes that have shaped our planet throughout its history, creating the world we see around us.

Episode 2 - The Deep
A curious feature of our planet's surface is that it has two distinct levels: the dry land on the continents, and the ocean floor.

Episode 3 - Ring of Fire
The Pacific Ocean is rimmed by a chain of active volcanoes, arranged in a series of graceful arcs and extending 30,000 kilometers.

Episode 4 - Journey to the Centre of the Earth
What drives the tectonic plates as they glide over the Earth's surface? Searching for an answer, scientists have probed our planet to its core.

Episode 5 - The Roof of the World
Most of the dry land on Earth sits no more than a few hundred metres above sea level. But in some places mountain belts rise to heights of several kilometres.

Episode 6 - The Big Freeze
In the nineteenth century geologists discovered evidence that large parts of the northern hemisphere had once been covered by gigantic ice sheets.

Episode 7 - The Living Earth
Over the past 4 billion years, life has evolved from simple single-celled organisms into the tremendous variety of plants and animals that exist today.

Episode 8 - A World Apart
Is the Earth unique, and if so, why? To find an answer, scientists have had to explore the Solar System, searching for clues about our planet's birth.

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