Geologic Journey II

Geologic Journey II is a five-part CBC documentary series hosted by Nick Eyles, exploring the world's most dynamic landscapes to learn about the forces that shape our planet. The series takes us to some of our planet's most dangerous and dynamic places, and helps explain how they got that way. From some of the highest mountaintops to the lowest salt plains, and from the center of violent volcanoes to the deep trenches beneath the ocean floor, Geologic Journey II travels with some of the world's most outstanding geologists as they decipher the mysteries of the earth's evolution.

Episode 1 - Tectonic Europe

Episode 1 - Tectonic Europe
This episode traverses the Eurasian plate across Europe - from Iceland, where new land is formed - to the Alps, where old land is destroyed.

Episode 2 - Along the African Rift
This episode reveals how the earth's crust is ripping apart, as molten rock from deep within its recesses pushes upwards.

Episode 3 - The Western Pacific Rim
This episode focuses on the Asia-Pacific side of The Pacific Rim of Fire, which stands as a living testament to the beauty and danger that powerful geologic forces can deliver.

Episode 4 - The Pacific Rim: Americas
Following the shore, Prof. Nick Eyles travels from Alaska to California to Chile discovering how tectonic rhythms threaten the people living along the two continents' coastlines.

Episode 5 - The Collision Zone: Asia
This episode travels to the Collision Zone - the fiery unpredictability of Indonesia's volcanoes at one end, the massive Himalayas at the other and millions of years of tectonic tension in between.

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