How the Earth Works

How the Earth Works is a Discovery Channel documentary series hosted by Liz Bonnin and Martin Pepper, investigating the science behind the planet's most powerful geologic events. Liz Bonnin and Martin Pepper set out on explorations of some of the most provocative questions facing earth science today. They'll get down and dirty to find out how geologic events in Hawaii could wipe out Los Angeles. Could another volcanic eruption in Iceland shut down our airways? Could the continued growth of Mt. Everest start World War III? In their search for answers, they'll reveal how the Earth works.

How the Earth Works

Episode 1 - Can Krakatoa Stop Time?
An active volcano with the power to plunge the whole world into a brutal dark age is rising from the sea. Will it cataclysmically erupt once again?

Episode 2 - Asteroid Armageddon
Martin and Liz investigate a giant asteroid impact that may have wiped out the Dinosaurs. Later, Martin experiences the power of a NASA supergun.

Episode 3 - Will Iceland Poison the Skies?
Martin and Liz explore Iceland to see if its volcanoes could cause chaos in the future. Later, Martin samples an insane motorsport on ashy slopes.

Episode 4 - Will Hawaii Sink LA?
Liz and Martin travel to Hawaii to investigate how evidence of catastrophic events in its geological past reveals a legacy of destruction.

Episode 5 - Will Europe Burn in Hell?
Liz Bonnin and Martin Pepper investigate the volcano Mount Vesuvius. During the research, they discover another deadly super volcano, Campi Flegrei.

Episode 6 - The Rockies Built the Atom Bomb
Biologist Liz and geologists Martin find out the answers to a series of scientific quandaries. What link do the Rockies have to the atomic bomb?

Episode 7 - Ice Age or Hell Fire?
Martin and Liz travel from the glaciers of Canada to the heat of Death Valley to reveal evidence of the most powerful geological events - Ice Ages.

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