Geologic Journey

Geologic Journey is a CBC documentary series hosted by David Suzuki, documenting the incredible and sometimes surprising history of Canada's landscape. Imagine a world where North America and Africa are one super-continent, where a mountain range the size of the Himalayas covers the Great Lakes region, and the tropical saltwater sea covers the ground. What do we really know about the history of the earth below our feet? Geologic Journey blends modern science, spectacular footage and animation, and personal stories from people driven by the geologic wonder. The series consists of five episodes: The Great Lakes, The Rockies, The Canadian Shield, The Appalachians, and The Atlantic Coast.

Episode 1 - The Great Lakes

Episode 1 - The Great Lakes
This episode tells the story of the dramatic changes in the geologic history and landscape of the Great Lakes, recently taken the form of the five, great, interconnected lakes.

Episode 2 - The Rockies
This episode tells the story of the great spine of stone that runs from the Canadian North to the southern United States: the Rockies.

Episode 3 - The Canadian Shield
This episode tells the story of the rocks that were present throughout the very beginnings of the Earth's formation: the rocks of the immovable Canadian Shield.

Episode 4 - The Appalachians
This is a trip through the gentle, rolling landscape of eastern North America, a landscape that is deceptive and misleading. Beneath its calm and steady appearance hides a violent and active past.

Episode 5 - The Atlantic Coast
The dramatic story of volcanic outpourings, massive rifting of continents and the bursting forth of a new ocean - the Atlantic.

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