Rise of the Continents

Rise of the Continents is a BBC documentary series presented by Professor Iain Stewart, revealing how our iconic continents were created, and how their tumultuous past has shaped our life today. The series consists of four episodes, each of which uncovers how a continent has been formed using clues like landmarks, wildlife and minerals: Africa, Australia, the Americas, and Eurasia. And the series hypothesizes how 250 million years in the future, all of the continents will collide together once more, forming a new Pangea, with Eurasia right at its heart.

Episode 1 - Africa

Episode 1 - Africa
Using clues like Africa's spectacular landmarks, mineral wealth and wildlife, Iain Stewart shows how the continent of Africa was formed from the wreckage of a long lost supercontinent.

Episode 2 - Australia
This episode shows how Australia's journey as a continent has affected everything from Aboriginal history to modern day mining, and also the evolution of Australia's unique wildlife.

Episode 3 - The Americas
Iain Stewart uncovers clues hidden within the New York skyline, the anatomy of American alligators and inside Bolivian silver mines, to reconstruct how North and South America were created.

Episode 4 - Eurasia
Iain Stewart reveals that the destruction of the Tethys Ocean holds the key to Eurasia's formation, and explains how India moved to join the Himalayas and how other continents will be joined with Europe.

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