Land of the Eagle

Land of the Eagle is an eight-part documentary series hosted by George Page, tracing the natural history of North America from the perspective of both the American Indians, who worshipped the land, and the European settlers, who were determined to tame it. This series explores the great diversity of the continent, revealing the bonds between human history and natural history as it travels from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Along the way, it traverses the rugged Canadian wilderness, the swampy Everglades, the sweeping Great Plains, the majestic Rockies, the arid, hostile deserts, and Alaska - the last wild frontier of America.

Episode 1 - The Great Encounter

Episode 1 - The Great Encounter
From Chesapeake Bay, the largest and most prolific estuary in North America, to the seemingly endless deciduous woods of the Appalachian Mountains, lies a rich tapestry of natural habitats, unparalleled in Europe. Yet many of the colonists starved to death.

Episode 2 - Confronting the Wilderness
Trade rivalries eventually pushed the French south. Following the great Mississippi River, they laid claim to a land on behalf of their King - Louisiana.

Episode 3 - Conquering the Swamps
The vast Spanish territory of Florida once stretched as far as the Mississippi. The wealth of this land was its wildlife, which thrived in sub - tropical swamps.

Episode 4 - Across the Sea of Grass
Beyond the Mississippi, the explorers found the trees giving way to immense grasslands: the rolling prairies ablaze with a mass of flowers.

Episode 5 - Into the Shining Mountains
The explorers searching for a safe trail through the Rocky Mountains found themselves locked in a maze of steep wooded valleys, rushing torrents, and harsh climates threatening storms and avalanches.

Episode 6 - Living on the Edge
The Southwest of the continent is mostly desert - harsh, hot, inhospitable landscapes where plants and animals have developed very special means of survival.

Episode 7 - The First and Last Frontier
Alaska, the northernmost mainland of America was the gateway for the native peoples that, 10,000 years ago, came from Asia to the New World.

Episode 8 - Searching for Paradise
California's plant and animal communities were unrivalled elsewhere on the North American continent. But Americans soon began to realize the province's natural resources were not inexhaustible.

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