Wild New World (Prehistoric America)

Wild New World (Prehistoric America) is a BBC documentary series about the prehistory and wildlife of America from the arrival of humans to the end of the Ice Age. Throughout the series, extensive computer generated graphics are used to bring to life extinct American beasts such as the American lion and woolly mammoth. The series consists of six 50-minute episodes, each of which deals with the prehistory and wildlife of a particular region in the United States, except for the sixth episode "Mammoth to Manhattan" which is about various modern American animals.

Episode 1 - Land of the Mammoth

Episode 1 - Land of the Mammoth
This episode talks about Beringea (current state of Alaska and the adjacent country of Canada), focusing mainly on the Woolly mammoth.

Episode 2 - Canyonlands
This episode talks about the modern south-western USA (current state of Nevada), focusing on the Columbian Mammoth, ground sloth and Smilodon.

Episode 3 - Ice Age Oasis
This episode talks about the modern south-eastern USA (current state of Florida), focusing on giant ground sloths, Glyptodonts, Sabre tooths and skunks.

Episode 4 - Edge of the Ice
This episode talks about the modern north-western USA (current state of Washington), focusing on the American mastodon and the American scimitar-tooth cat, Homotherium.

Episode 5 - American Serengeti
This episode talks about the American Midlands (current state of Colorado), focusing on the mammoth Columbian mammoth, the American lion and the short-faced bear.

Episode 6 - Mammoth to Manhattan
This episode talks about various modern American animals, from the mustang to the free-tailed bats, and about how they have adapted to the increasing influence of humans in the New World.

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