Men of Rock

Men of Rock is a three-part BBC documentary series presented by Iain Stewart, about scientists working in Scotland who pioneered geological study and understanding. In the series, Iain Stewart retraces the steps of a band of maverick pioneers who made ground-breaking discoveries in the landscape of Scotland about how our planet works. The pioneers introduced in the series include James Hutton, Edward Bailey, Arthur Holmes, Louis Agassiz, and James Croll.

Episode 1 - Deep Time

Episode 1 - Deep Time
Iain Stewart follows in the footsteps of the founding father of geology, James Hutton. This Scottish rogue was a profound and original thinker who, 250 years ago, overturned ancient beliefs about how and when the world was formed.

Episode 2 - Moving Mountains
Iain Stewart finds out how gung-ho geologist Edward Bailey discovered Scotland was once home to super volcanoes. And how unsung hero Arthur Holmes solved the mystery of what makes continents move across the surface of the globe.

Episode 3 - The Big Freeze
Iain Stewart finds out about daredevil scientist Louis Agassiz, who first imagined the world had been gripped by an ice age. Plus, the story of humble janitor James Croll, who used the planets to work out the natural rhythms of the earth's climate.

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