Making Scotland's Landscape

Making Scotland's Landscape is a BBC documentary series presented by Iain Stewart, revealing how Scotland's unique and beautiful landscape has been shaped over the centuries. The series consists of five episodes, each of which looks at a different part of Scotland's landscape - trees, the land, the sea, fresh waters, and the climate. In a country celebrated for its unique 'natural' beauty, Professor Iain Stewart reveals how every square inch of Scotland's landscape has been affected by centuries of human activity.

Episode 1 - Scotland's Trees

Episode 1 - Scotland's Trees
Professor Iain Stewart uncovers how, over thousands of years, the actions of mankind and the climate nearly led to the downfall of Scotland's trees and forests.

Episode 2 - The Land
Professor Iain Stewart discovers how man made the proverbially beautiful Highlands.

Episode 3 - The Sea
Professor Stewart reveals how hearts and not heads have ruled the least understood landscape of them all - the sea.

Episode 4 - Scotland's Water
This episode tells the story of how Scotland's waters became some of the most managed on earth.

Episode 5 - The Climate
Professor Iain Stewart looks at how Scotland is on the verge of another revolution: the transformation of a carbon economy to a green one.

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