A History of Scotland

A History of Scotland is a ten-part BBC documentary series presented by Neil Oliver, charting the birth and growth of the Scottish nation. The series charts the journey from the diverse tribes' first stirrings of identity around 2,000 years ago through to devolution and the reopening of the Scottish Parliament. It reveals the fascinating struggles, power brokers, incidents and characters across the years from William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and Sir Walter Scott to the Highland-lowland rivalry, the Covenanters, the Darien disaster and the tobacco lords.

Episode 01 - The Last of the Free
Neil Oliver reveals the mystery of how the Gaelic Scottish Kingdom - Alba - was born, and why its role in one of the greatest battles ever fought on British soil defined the shape of Britain in the modern era.

Episode 02 - Hammers of the Scots
Neil Oliver charts the 13th century story of the two men who helped transform the Gaelic kingdom of Alba into the Scotland of today.

Episode 03 - Bishop Makes King
Neil Oliver explores the role the Scottish church played in promoting Robert Bruce, the propaganda campaigns, both at home and abroad.

Episode 04 - Language is Power
At one time, Gaelic Scotland - the people and the language - was central to the identity of Scots. But as Neil Oliver reveals, Scotland's infamous Highland/Lowland divide was the result of a family struggle that divided the kingdom.

Episode 05 - Project Britain
Neil Oliver describes how the ambitions of two of Scotland's Stuart monarchs were the driving force that united two ancient enemies, and set them on the road to the Great Britain we know today.

Episode 06 - God's Chosen People
This episode document licensed revolution, started the Civil War that cost King Charles I his head, cost tens of thousands of Scots their lives and led to Britain's first war on terror.

Episode 07 - Let's Pretend
Bitterly divided by politics and religion for centuries, this is the infamous story of how Scotland and England came together in 1707 to form Great Britain.

Episode 08 - The Price of Progress
Neil Oliver reveals how in the second half of the 18th century Scotland was transformed from a poor northern backwater with a serious image problem into one of the richest nations on Earth.

Episode 09 - This Land is Our Land
At the start of the 19th century, everything familiar was swept away. People fled from the countryside into the industrial towns of Scotland's Central Belt.

Episode 10 - Project Scotland
Charting Scotland's darkest century, Neil Oliver discovers a country driven to self-determination through a series of economic crises so deep that her most striking export became her own disillusioned population.

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