Micro Monsters

Micro Monsters is a six-part nature documentary series presented by David Attenborough, exploring the strange, weird and wonderful world of bugs. Right beneath our feet is a secret world of disguise and espionage, social networking and courtship, rape and pillage, parenthood and relationships. The terrestrial arthropods - the bugs - are the most dominant animals on our planet. They outnumber us in their hundreds of billions and have survived for 500 million years. They have outlived every catastrophe Earth has thrown at them, seen the dinosaurs come and go and even witnessed our own arrival. They are so intrinsic to the natural world that without them we would struggle to exist.

Episode 1 - Conflict

Episode 1 - Conflict
This episode examines the survival tactics of its terrifying residents including killer ants, trap-setting spiders and beetles with the ability to shoot boiling chemicals at their enemies.

Episode 2 - Predator
This episode reveals how predators defuse the defences of their prey, highlighting the cockroach wasp, the whirligig beetle, and the jumping Portia spider.

Episode 3 - Courtship
Life is all about making the next generation. This episode takes a look at the courtship rituals of the creatures beneath our feet.

Episode 4 - Reproduction
A close-up view of sex, bug-style, as David Attenborough talks viewers through the different ways in which creepy-crawlies reproduce.

Episode 5 - Family
This episode features arthropods that cooperate to prosper in the world instead of fighting each other, such as burrowing cockroaches, the suitably named social spiders - which share a 30-metre web.

Episode 6 - Colony
This episode looks at one of the key inventions of arthropods - colonies so vast that they rival human megacities in both size and complexity.

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