Monster Bug Wars

Monster Bug Wars is a nature documentary series that features the natural setting and fighting tactics for the world's deadliest insect encounters. This is the no-holds-barred, real-life world of spiders, scorpions, centipedes and killer ants who fight to the death. The series features two kinds of insects, arachnids, myriapods, and other invertebrates in gladiator style combat in a simulated natural environment. In addition, entomologists educate the viewer about the strengths and weaknesses of the dueling bugs.

Episode 1 - Death at Midnight

Episode 1 - Death at Midnight
Spiny leaf insect vs Giant rainforest mantis, Bull ant vs Redback spider, Water strider vs Wharf spider, Black house spider vs White-tailed spider, Sydney funnel-web spider vs Garden wolf spider.

Episode 2 - Enemy Empire
Tree scorpion vs Green ants, Cellar spider vs White-tailed spider, Antlion vs Trap-jaw ant, Brown house spider vs Redback spider, Desert centipede vs Desert trapdoor spider.

Episode 3 - Quick and the Deadly
Assassin bug vs Ogre-faced spider, Bulldog raspy cricket vs Whistling tarantula, House centipede vs Swift tree mantis, Marbled scorpion vs Trap-jaw ants, Spitting spider vs Metallic green jumping spider.

Episode 4 - Shape-Shifters
Grey tree runner mantis vs Lichen huntsman spider, Destructive katydid vs Tent-web spider, Rhinoceros beetle vs Meat ants, Green jumping spider vs Long-jawed jumping spider, Giant banded huntsman spider vs Jungle huntsman spider.

Episode 5 - When Tribes Go to War
Green ants vs Paper wasps, Portia spider vs Long-jawed orb weaver, Balloon-winged katydid vs Tree centipede, Badge huntsman spider vs Spider hunting scorpion, Freshwater crab vs Tiger leeches.

Episode 6 - Rainforest Rampage
A green-bellied huntsman attacks a colony of jumping jack ants; A green praying mantis and a katydid meet; A spiny tree cricket crosses paths with a golden orb weaver; A desert centipede hunts a desert scorpion; An earwig meets an assassin bug.

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